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Perfection in Communication

We are an agency like no other, we take the best of communication technology to deliver quality work to our clients. We have a dynamic structure that allows us to adapt to all types of market structures and situations. Products, services, distribution channels or mass consumption are part of our daily work.

With almost 20 years of experience in the market, Decaedro presents an interdisciplinary team with the know-how of having managed brands, multinationals and even mass consumption premises for today to dump all that knowledge for the benefit of our clients. Based in 3 of the most important provinces of Argentina and commercial offices in the USA, the Latin American market, is our greatest expertise.


With the principle of acting honestly and sincerely, perform the job correctly, our clients' self-fulfillment is greater than any financial reward.


With honesty, truthfulness and factual communication, we start from transparency, privacy of our clients and principles oriented to professional practice, always looking for a commitment to continuous learning and training.


When the goal transcends the individual, the result is beneficial for all. Altruism not only achieves greater engagement within our company, but natural and healthy alliances with our clients.


The experiential concept not only focuses on aspects of the product or item itself, but in the quality, characteristics and benefits that they may receive through the actions to be carried out, being the management of the value of the offer of a product or service through emotional experiences of communication and consumption that are rewarding for the user and relevant to the company.

DECAEDRO's multidisciplinary team establishes connections between your company and consumers, engaging their senses to interact with your product or service.


To achieve the commercial success of a product or service, many qualities are needed. One of them is the positive energy that we are able to transmit. So many times we see projects truncated for not finding the right synergy between the product, who communicates and the team that markets it. Knowledge and functioning are fundamental stones that are based on the human capital that makes up our work group.. Thus, we consider the energy we transmit as a key element in our projects.

Formed by all kinds of professionals ranging from marketing to engineering, the DECAEDRO team aims to work together that shows not only immediate results., but in the long term in perfect harmony with our customers.


Efficacy and efficiency are often mixed in the same cloud of questions.

Efficacy is not simply doing things the right way in search of achieving set goals. Unlike efficiency, We must direct the virtues and efforts towards goals that make sense and that help the survival and growth of the product or service, achieving results in the least amount of time and with the investment of adequate resources, thus achieving, superior results, being a fundamental point the efficient use of resources.
At DECAEDRO we permanently combine effectiveness and efficiency to achieve the objectives set in the best possible way. Both concepts are equally important and necessary for a project to work and it is there where our team with great experience in the market, Mark the difference.

Founder of Decaedro

Mariano Rojas

More than 17 years of experience in large national and international companies, both in engineering, commercial, administrative and marketing added to a self-managing profile, analytical and with a clear business vision, more than 5 years, I decided to found DECAEDRO in search of providing in a unified way, all that knowledge.

Our company works with an achievement and results orientation, based on planning strategies and action plans, taking advantage of the great capacity in decision-making and negotiation, through a conciliatory and highly motivating leadership style.

Bachelor's degrees

National Technological University
Senior Hardware Engineer
1999 – 2004

Buenos Aires' University
Assistant Accountant & Marketing
1999 – 2001

Buenos Aires' University
Event Planning / Marketing Management
2004 – 2006

Proydesa Foundation
Cisco Networking Certificate CCNA
2004 – 2006


1999 – E-Logistics Seminar, Commercial and Logistics (AAM)
1999 – Customer Value Seminar (AAM)
2000 – Marketing and Internet Seminar (AAM)
2001 – Market Research Seminar (AAM)
2001 – Promotion and Merchandising Seminar (AAM)
2001 – Effective negotiation seminar
2001 – Strategic marketing seminar
2002 – Logistics and Distribution Seminar (faecium)
2002 – Electronic Commerce Course (CIRA)
2004 – Decision making and problem solving course
2004 – Competitive Strategy Course
2004 – Commercial Training Course: “Skills in the Management of Commercial Teams”
2005 – Investigation, clinic sales and development
2006 – Body language course
2006 – Public Relations Workshop
2006 – Cycle of seminars towards total quality
2010-2016 Active member of the marketing association
2015-2019 Jury of the Mercury Awards. The most important marketing award in Latin America.

Work experience

Unibind (Belgium)
Secretary of the Presidency
1998 –2000 (Argentina)

Design Bar (Argentina)
Image Technical Suport to HSBC and Adidas
2000 – 2002

Solution Box SRL (Argentina)
Product Manager AOpen & Xerox
2002 – 2004

FREE S.A. (Argentina)
Manager OEM Division
2004 – 2006

Power PC Technology (Argentina)
General Manager

Elitegroup Computer Systems (USA – Taiwan)
Regional Manager Argentina Uruguay and Ecuador
2007 – 2011

OMEGA Technology (USA – China)
Commercial Director
2011- 2014

Power Site SA (Argentina)
Commercial manager
2014 – 2016

Decaedro (Argentina – USA – Spain)
2016 – Present