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The consumer hates Advertising in General, but he loves advertising in particular. Reach who you have to reach, getting the best results.
Digital Communication

Email Marketing

Why it is considered the most effective direct marketing tool, making the most of each correctly focused and organized action, maintaining a stable long-term relationship with both clients and potential buyers.

From the sending of a punctual offer, a daily newsletter, weekly or monthly, mailing lends itself very well to many situations and different scenarios. An email marketing campaign allows you to provoke interactions with your recipients, surpassing the simple reading of email.
A commercial offer can trigger an immediate purchase in a virtual store, increase traffic on your website and endless results at a click of your company.

E-Mail Marketing has lower costs than other means of communication and immediate results, getting high conversion rates compared to other direct marketing tools, thus being able to accurately compare the cost of your campaign and assess the return on investment.
Email marketing campaigns begin to generate results in a matter of hours or even minutes after they are received..

Today consumers are increasingly demanding. Facing this reality requires professionals in the field of marketing and communication with the appropriate knowledge to manage the image of your business and develop promotional strategies to enhance it..

Advertising on social networks is a very effective channel to reach customers, interact with them, and analyze what their main interests and demands are. The most important social media advertising campaigns have multiple benefits.

  • You connect with your ideal target.
  • We capture the attention of your readers.
  • Generate engagement through specialized content.
  • Strategic communication with ads aimed at your audience.
  • We increase the visibility of your brand and attract new audiences.
Connect with your audience

Advertising on Social Networks


Digital Platforms

The world of communication has changed and today your website is viewed with any type of device, from a tv, even a Smartphone. For this reason, you have to keep up to date with the latest technologies when thinking about web design..

We plan, we design, we implement and maintain websites made according to the needs you ask us.

Landing Page

Web Store

Web Auto Administrable

Classic Web

So, We offer you a complete adaptive web design service for all devices and with the most up-to-date market standards.

Why it is considered the most effective direct marketing tool, making the most of each correctly focused and organized action, maintaining a stable long-term relationship with both clients and potential buyers.

The cost of advertising on social media is variable. The investment depends largely on the objectives of the campaign, the quality of the ad, the size of your target audience and more.

To advertise on social media, you must define the ideal client and know what platforms you normally use. Then define the objectives:

Generate traffic to your website

Increase brand awareness

Generate more sales

To be able to decide the advertising budget and start creating content with the help of our experts.

Google, Facebook, Instagram

Social Media Ads

Virtual Stores for Sale

Desarrollo & CMS Open Source

One of the first steps when we create an online business is to select the technology that will allow us to create the sales platform. We can choose a development based on a CMS or opt for a custom development.

CMS development is much simpler because it is subject to pre-set standards and universal language technologies.. There are many types of CMS for e-commerce that provide a wide variety of functionalities. In addition to it, we offer custom development based on your business. For this reason, electronic commerce will have everything you are looking for.

Managing e-commerce involves aspects such as logistics, the stock, product catalog and sales management. If you have a product catalog and you need a flexible and friendly tool, custom development will help your platform generate greater benefits.

Implement your elearning platform to teach courses and manage educational material through the internet- Ideal for schools, institutions, companies or consultants who wish to teach distance courses or support face-to-face training.

Publish classes with all kinds of educational content using multimedia resources with the ability to incorporate interactivity and communication. Give exams online, parameterizable, with automatic results.
Get Feedback on your project with its powerful manager. Design and implement automatic notifications based on student progress and course dates.

  • Adaptive design (responsive) and Android app. Download Educativa Mobile .
  • User self-enrollment.
  • Statistical information, exportable, of all course activity.
  • Link and validate with external academic or management systems.
  • Ideal for multiple projects.
Development of Virtual Classrooms

E- Learning

Brand recognition

Brand awareness is essential to create its value. Brand awareness refers to the strength and footprint in the consumer's memory. This makes each of our commercial and marketing strategies, seek to position our clients in the long term, with real and not fictitious results.

Closeness to the Consumer

Mass consumption is the one who decides if a product or service is suitable for a market par excellence. That is why we provide a sector specialized in end consumers with all kinds of tools to measure all the virtues and defects, in order to adapt them and improve their positioning, achieving real results in the short and long term from targeted strategies.

Sales channels

More than 19 years of commercial experience, marketing and advertising, our team contributes not only knowledge about the final consumer, but of the entire channel. From brand, distributor, reseller, direct consumption store or online sale, each of the links are everyday in Decahedron.

Niches and Markets

Unlike other types of companies, a digital marketing agency gives us diversity and flexibility. With clients in the tourism industry, technological, of clothing, gastronomic, pharmacist, educational, oil, nutritional, automotive and all kinds of products and services for mass consumption, Decahedron is constantly growing strategies, knowing each of the markets that it addresses.

Trade Borders

Not only the domestic market can provide us with solutions, thus, our experience in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, The US and Spain provide a range of markets and consumers for any of the products and services that are presented to us..

Analysis of results

The benefit of a detailed report of the results obtained, conclusions of the points to work on and recommendations to follow to further promote new contacts, is essential for long-term and orderly growth. We give you all that information and how you can apply it in the future.

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